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Kai Qi

Global Restoration Initiative Research Intern

Kai is a Research Intern for the Global Restoration Initiative team. His research with the Scaling Good Practices team will focus on helping to create a policy analysis framework for restoration...

Cihang Yuan

Climate Data and Tools Intern

Cihang Yuan is a Climate data and tool intern with the Climate Program. Her work mostly focuses on climate data collection and analysis to support understanding as well as transparency in national...

Brett Cozzolino

Program Management Specialist

Brett is the Program Management Specialist for the Climate and Economics programs. He works to coordinate outreach, research, scheduling, and communications for Helen Mountford and Pankaj Bhatia...

Xinyue (Helen) Ma

Intern, The New Climate Economy

Xinyue (Helen) Ma is an intern for the New Climate Economy (NCE), mainly supporting the NCE 2018 Global Report as well as the China-India Dialogue.

Xinyue previously interned with China's...

Jone Orbea

Manager, Urban Efficiency and Climate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Jone is a Manager for Urban Efficiency and Climate at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, based in Mexico City. She coordinates global projects on electric transportation, particularly those...

Delfina Grinspan

Research Assistant

Delfina is a Research Assistant, working jointly with the Governance Center and Climate Program to support various climate governance initiatives, including stakeholder engagement and capacity-...

Jillian Du

Knowledge and Data Analyst, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

As part of the Sustainable Cities’ Research & Knowledge Exchange team, Jillian Du focuses on advancing new research on how cities can create resilient, equitable communities while tackling...

Courtney Romolt

Intern, Initiative 20x20

Courtney Romolt is the Initiative 20x20 Intern with the Global Restoration Initiative. She works to support Initiative 20x20's country-led effort to restore 20 million hectares of degraded land in...

Wenting Wei

Urban Development Intern

Wenting is an Urban Development Intern at the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works on issues related to integrated urban planning and urban transportation, with a special focus on the...

Mingming Sun

China Associate, Forest Legality Initiative

Mingming Sun is China Associate of Forest Legality Initiative. Based at WRI Beijing office, he takes the lead of FLI's engagement in China and also contribute to strategize the forest program in...


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