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Jone Orbea

Manager, Urban Efficiency and Climate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Jone is a Manager for Urban Efficiency and Climate at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, based in Mexico City. She coordinates global projects on electric transportation, particularly those...

Delfina Grinspan

Research Assistant

Delfina is a Research Assistant, working jointly with the Governance Center and Climate Program to support various climate governance initiatives, including stakeholder engagement and capacity-...

Lauren Sidner

Research Associate

Lauren is a Research Associate in WRI’s Finance Center.

Prior to joining WRI, she worked as an attorney in the Environment and Natural Resources practice group of a law firm. Lauren holds...

Jillian Du

Research Analyst, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

As part of the Sustainable Cities’ Research & Knowledge Exchange team, Jillian Du focuses on access to urban services, building urban climate resilience, and inclusive climate action. Her...

Courtney Romolt

Intern, Initiative 20x20

Courtney Romolt is the Initiative 20x20 Intern with the Global Restoration Initiative. She works to support Initiative 20x20's country-led effort to restore 20 million hectares of degraded land in...

Wenting Wei

Urban Development Intern

Wenting is an Urban Development Intern at the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works on issues related to integrated urban planning and urban transportation, with a special focus on the...

Mingming Sun

China Associate, Forest Legality Initiative

Mingming Sun is China Associate of Forest Legality Initiative. Based at WRI Beijing office, he takes the lead of FLI's engagement in China and also contribute to strategize the forest program in...

Lu Lu

Research Analyst, Transport, WRI China

Lu Lu (Lu) is the Research Analyst of China Transport Program. She works on the Transit Metropolis Project in Beijing to assist four Chinese cities to implement pilot projects and to provide...

Ruijuan Li

Research Assistant, Water/Sustainable Cities, WRI China

Ruijuan Li is a Research Assistant of China Water Program of the World Resources Institute (WRI) China Office. She joined WRI in November 2016 to support the urban water-energy nexus projects,...

Wenyi Xi

Research Analyst, Climate, WRI China

Wenyi Xi is a Research Analyst for the Climate Program at the WRI China Office. She works on the development of low-carbon city, assisting in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol City Accounting Project...


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