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Ho Hsieh

GIS Intern, Governance Center

Ho is a GIS intern for the Land and Resource Rights Initiative. She works on LandMark, an online, interactive global platform synthesizing critical land information and maps for Indigenous Peoples...

Chendan Yan

Research Associate I

Chendan is the Research Associate I for the Science based Targets Initiative at WRI’s Business Center, which seeks to increase the private sector’s ambition to reduce GHG emissions. She conducts...

You Lyu

Monitoring and Evaluation Intern

You (Ivy) is a Monitoring and Evaluation Intern, working with Energy Program. She was a Climate Data Intern with Climate Program during the summer in 2018. Her current work involves facilitating...

Henry Xiao

Financial System Manager

Henry is the Financial System Manager for Operations. He oversees financial systems’ administration and maintenance, manages technical requirements and supports the finance team during the...

Yuhan Shang

Economics Intern

Yuhan is the Economics Intern for Economics Center. She focuses on China’s economic and low-carbon transition, China’s domestic policies, and developing countries’ renewable energy development....

Chen Chen


Chen is an Economist with the Energy Program and the Governance Center, focusing on renewable energy access and its impact on reduction of poverty and inequality. At WRI, she supports programmatic...

Max Miao

Sustainability Research Assistant

Max is the Sustainability Research Assistant for the Sustainability Initiative. He works to create WRI's annual greenhouse gas emissions report and the quarterly-updated sustainability metrics...

Taoyu Liu

Climate Finance Data Intern

Taoyu Liu is the Climate Finance Data intern in the Sustainable Finance Center. She mainly works on improving the NDC Funding and Initiatives Navigator, part of a series of searchable online...

Natalie Thomure

Research Analyst II, Buildings Initiative, WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Natalie is a Research Analyst for WRI’s Energy and Cities programs. Her primary focus area is energy efficiency in buildings. She provides project management, city/state engagement, and research...

Luting Jin

Intern, Global Energy Program

Luting is currently an intern in the Energy Program. She is doing research on the clean energy transition, deep decarbonization pathways and enabling fast transition to electric vehicles.



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