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Ishan Banerjee

Economics Intern

Ishan Banerjee is a Summer Intern in the Economics Center. His research in WRI is on establishing values and costs around ecosystems and energy technologies.

Prior to WRI, Ishan worked as...

Sushmita Jena

Intern, Climate Program

Sushmita is an Intern with the Climate Program working on Initiative for Climate Action Transparency. She is working on the guidance documents for Transformational Change & Non-State and...

Mansi Konar

Lead Ocean Economist, Sustainable Ocean Initiative

Mansi is the lead Ocean Economist in WRI’s Sustainable Ocean Initiative. She provides economic advice and carries out economic analysis to advance the Sustainable Ocean Initiative, particularly in...

Samrat Basak

Director, Urban Water, WRI India

Samrat Basak is the Director of WRI India’s Urban Water Program. In this role, Samrat works with the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities team and Water Program team to execute research programs...

Abraar Ahmad

Intern, Global Commission on Adaptation

Abraar Ahmad is an Intern for the Global Commission on Adaptation in WRI's Governance Center. He will aid the commission in all of its research and publication work as the commission looks to...

Eva Costa

Program Coordinator III & Financial Analyst, NUMO Alliance, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Eva is the Program Coordinator III & Financial Analyst for NUMO, the New Urban Mobility alliance, hosted by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She provides support for grants and contract...

Taufiq Rashid

Research Assistant, Urban Analysis, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Taufiq is a Research Assistant for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, where he conducts research to develop and apply emerging machine learning techniques to measure and manage Earth's...

Harshita Jamba

Project Associate - New Sustainable Mobility, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Harshita is a Project Associate with the New Sustainable Mobility practice at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works on analyzing the impact of tech-led- mobility services disrupting...

Shreyan Sen

Schneider Fellow

Shreyan is a Schneider Fellow and intern for the Water Program. Leveraging a novel satellite-based methodology, he uses data analytics and statistical modeling to predict water risks to the Indian...

Jahan Chowdhury

Country Engagement Director, NDC Partnership

Jahan Chowdhury is the In-Country Engagement Director for the NDC Partnership Support Unit based in Washington, DC. In this role, Jahan works with government ministries and other stakeholders to...


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