With up to $5 billion in federal funding for electric school buses, there has never been a better time to learn more. In collaboration with partners, WRI's Electric School Bus Initiative is offering a webinar series, trainings, technical assistance, and other opportunities to learn more about the electric school bus adoption process.

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Getting Down to Business: Electric School Bus Business Models

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November 3, 2022

1pm-2pm EDT

Join the Alliance for Electric School Buses and WRI’s Electric School Bus Initiative for a webinar on electric school bus business models.

The electrification of school buses presents districts with the opportunity to assess business model options for their student transportation: which roles and responsibilities districts take on directly, which they outsource and how they approach the total costs. Historically, United States school bus business models have been relatively static, with 60% of school districts directly owning and operating (including leasing) fleets and 40% of districts contracting with private operators. But things are changing. Electrification has opened up a range of new approaches and there are federal resources available for the transition. Districts can consider how to leverage this funding and how to select the business model that is the best fit for them and their community.

In this webinar, we’ll cover definitions of key electric school bus roles, a framework to understand the many business models emerging today and a set of core questions to guide school district discussions on this topic. We’ll hear directly from districts that have selected different models to better understand the various approaches. Bring your questions and register here!

Behind the Wheel & Behind the Scenes: The Electric School Bus Workforce

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Electric school buses.

Sep 22, 2022

2pm-3pm EDT

As school bus operators across the country make the shift to electric, drivers, mechanics, installers, and manufacturers will be critical to the success of the transition. These electric school bus workers have an unprecedented opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in the rapidly growing electric vehicle sector. Furthermore, school districts have power through the procurement process to secure adequate training for their workers. Join the Alliance for Electric School Buses, WRI’s Electric School Bus Initiative, and Jobs to Move America to learn more about ESB training opportunities, what you can do to ensure your team is ready, and other considerations for equitable workforce development and high-quality jobs.


Electric School Buses: The Opportunity for Illinois: A Policy Roundtable

September 14, 2022

10:30am-3:30pm EDT

Co-hosted by WRI and the Electrification Coalition, Electric School Buses: The Opportunity for Illinois will feature public-sector leaders, industry experts, electric vehicle advocates, and school district representatives. This executive-appropriate online discussion is your chance to engage directly with experts on the latest policy, funding, and technology developments and to help chart Illinois' electric school bus future.

We are excited to welcome Deputy Governor Christian Mitchell and Senator Dick Durbin, who will share their views on the importance of transitioning Illinois' school bus fleets to electric vehicles and discuss how state and federal programs are paving the road ahead.

School bus electrification will improve health and academic outcomes for students, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen grid security, and expand the green economy. Join us to make sure the Prairie State seizes this critical opportunity.


In the Market for an Electric School Bus? Ask Us Anything.

July 28, 2022

1pm-2pm EDT | 10am-11am PDT

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Please note: the recording states 2,000 electric school buses have been delivered. The correct number is around 600.

With the first round of EPA’s Clean School Bus funding applications due on August 19th, many school bus operators have questions about electric school bus (ESB) models. Currently, 22 ESB models are available from 12 manufacturers, for types A, C, and D buses. These include 14 newly manufactured vehicle models and eight repowered vehicle models. Each generation of buses is more advanced than the previous; many manufacturers are on their second or third iteration, and some even further along. The newest models possess a battery range to serve more than 99% of routes in the U.S. Join us to learn more about the options!

And, bring your questions about ALL THINGS ESB. We’ll have a panel of experienced school districts ready to field your ESB queries – ask us about models, charging, costs, climate, training or anything else!


Take Charge: Electric School Bus Infrastructure

Electric school bus charging.

June 15, 2022

2pm-3pm EDT | 11am-12pm PDT

In partnership with Clean Energy Works, the Alliance for Electric School Buses and WRI’s Electric School Bus Initiative invite you to join us for a webinar focused on electric school bus infrastructure. Learn how school districts and electric utilities can effectively partner on charger selection and installation, infrastructure upgrades, and interconnection agreements. We’ll also discuss options such as managed charging and vehicle-to-grid technologies. Panelists will share best practices and helpful tools for productive district-utility partnerships.

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See timestamp 22:54 for the video tour of ESB infrastructure.


Electric School Buses and the EPA Clean School Bus Program

Electric school buses.

May 10, 2022

1pm-2pm EDT | 10am-11am PDT

This April, the U.S. EPA is expected to officially launch its new Clean School Bus Program, which will provide billions of dollars to help school districts invest in electric school buses over the next five years. Join us to learn more about this unprecedented funding opportunity and how you can leverage it for your school district and community.

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Electric School Buses: Stories from the Field

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March 30, 2022

1pm-2pm EDT | 10am-11am PDT

In this first event of the series, we’ll learn from those who are working every day to bring the benefits of electric school buses to their schools. Join us to hear more about what motivates these leaders, the obstacles they faced, their path to solutions and other lessons to inform and inspire your own electric school journey.

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