2020 was an especially trying year for climate action. At a time when distrust between developed and developing countries was already high, the COVID-19 pandemic further challenged diplomatic approaches and brought climate cooperation among countries to an all-time low. Yet, there are a growing number of untapped opportunities for climate action that would greatly benefit from building bridges, enhancing trust and improving understanding among countries. 

The Allied for Climate Transformation by 2025 (ACT2025) is a consortium of thought leaders committed to addressing these challenges by informing and influencing the UN climate negotiations. The consortium convenes key stakeholders to identify and agree on how to design just and ambitious outcomes at these negotiations — particularly at COP26 and COP27 — that will rebuild trust, foster solidarity and drive greater climate action on the ground. The ultimate goal is to promote a prosperous, low-carbon and climate-resilient future for all. 

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The consortium aims to:

ACT2025's Approach: Drive Climate Ambition, Foster Solidarity, Promote Prosperity
  • Amplify and leverage the voices of the vulnerable to effectively influence decisions. 
  • Foster collaboration and a renewed sense of solidarity and trust among the stakeholders needed to achieve ambitious and just climate goals.
  • Identify areas of convergence and facilitate negotiating breakthroughs.
  • Promote negotiated outcomes at the UN climate summits that are clear, ambitious, equitable and balanced, while holding countries accountable for their climate commitments under the Paris Agreement.
  • Enhance awareness and mobilize capacity on ways to pursue the implementation of the Paris Agreement and relevant COP decisions even given the economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Strengthen existing coalitions, and empower new and emerging ones that gather progressive countries and stakeholders.
  • Promote a shared prosperity narrative and a vision for a collective future that is ultimately safer, prosperous, low-carbon and climate resilient.

ACT2025 seeks to achieve these goals through creating safe spaces to test ideas and approaches, producing analyses and driving public communications and targeted outreach. 

The ACT2025 Alliance Statement was released in September 2021 to coincide with the 76th UN General Assembly. This collective “Call for Action” lays out five areas where progress is essential to reach an ambitious and just outcome at the COP26 climate summit this November.

Photo by: Sandy Zebua/Unsplash