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Help Us Fight for Policies and Solutions that are Good for People, the Planet and the Economy

When faced with a daunting challenge, how do you respond?

The past year has been full of challenges: hurricanes, fires and floods ravaged communities in California, Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas, as India experienced record high temperatures and droughts. While severe weather is nothing new, climate change is making these natural disasters more frequent, severe and expensive. The U.S. political weather is no less troubling, with the Trump administration dismantling environmental and economic safeguards.

It’s no wonder people get angry or simply give up. At WRI we take another tack. We choose analysis and optimism because we are about solving problems. We think big and we lead with action because we are not satisfied with incremental change.

Please consider a contribution to WRI to help us fight for policies and solutions that are good for people, the planet and the economy.

WRI is uniquely equipped – thanks to our global networks, rigorous analysis, trusted reputation, convening power and long-term partnerships – to bring about the systematic changes we need.

With your support, WRI will help nations and international institutions identify the technical expertise, financial strategies, and policy best practices to turn the commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change into action. We will continue to support America’s Pledge, a growing coalition of cities and states, led by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and California Governor Jerry Brown, committed to ensure the U.S. drives down its greenhouse gas emissions.

With governments, businesses and communities, WRI is spearheading efforts to restore nearly 120 million hectares (300 million acres) of deforested and degraded land in Africa and Latin America – an area the size of South Africa. Such large-scale restoration efforts can sequester billions of tons of greenhouse gases, create jobs, conserve biodiversity, and renew food and water supplies. WRI is leading a coalition of CEOs, government ministers and civil society leaders committed to halve food loss and waste globally by 2030.

These are just some of the ways in which WRI is responding to mounting environmental threats and working to deliver change at scale. We are making a difference, but we must do more.

As you think about your year-end giving, please consider a contribution to WRI.  Together we can build a future defined by greater prosperity, a better quality of life and a sharply shrinking ecological footprint.

With warm regards,

Andrew Steer
President & CEO

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