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Green Climate Fund Calculators: How to Decide What Each Country Should Contribute

What Is the Green Climate Fund?

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the largest multilateral fund dedicated to funding projects for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and helping communities adapt to climate change. Since starting operations in 2015, the GCF has allocated $5 billion to 102 projects and programs, including support for clean energy, coastal protection, flood management, and climate resilient livelihoods for vulnerable communities. The fund plays an important role in catalyzing systemic or transformational change to move towards a low-emissions and climate-resilient future.

How Is It Funded?

In November 2014, contributor governments pledged a total of $10.3 billion to the GCF as part of the so-called the "Initial Resource Mobilization." Pledges were based on discussions between potential contributors, representatives of the GCF Board and GCF management. Twenty-three developed-country governments contributed the bulk of the total pledges. Several developing countries also contributed, though they did so on a voluntary basis. Individual country pledges were not based on a rigorous methodology. Rather, they were set, more or less arbitrarily, by each individual contributor based on the politics of the time. As such, the $10.3 billion that resulted in the end was, while a good start, more accidental than the product of a deliberate and transparent logic. 

Using Our Calculators, Find a Way Forward for Funding GCF

In September 2018, WRI published a working paper, "Setting the Stage for the Green Climate Fund's First Replenishment." This paper laid out objective criteria that could inform replenishment, including historical emissions, population and national income. We used this basis to create tools

In general, the first calculator is for academics and researchers who require greater flexibility of the tool. The second calculator is for less technical uses, the public and those tracking the 2019 round of funding.

Green Climate Fund Contributions Calculator 1.0

The Green Climate Fund Contributions Calculator 1.0, published in September 2018, enables users to input a target level of funding for the Green Climate Fund Replenishment and then generates proposed replenishment contributions.

Unique functions of the Calculator 1.0 include:

  • The ability to set a total replenishment target of your own choosing
  • The ability to adjust GNI for debt
  • The ability to introduce into a scenario additional groups of countries, including the rest of the G20, other developed countries and top developing countries by GNI per capita, emissions per capita and pouplation.
  • The ability to adjust the GHG emissions baseline year
  • The ability to adjust the weighting of per capita emissions

Green Climate Fund Contributions Calculator 2.0

The Green Climate Fund Contributions Calculator 2.0, published in April 2019, tracks announced and possible 2019 contributions along three scenarios, each entailing a different level of ambition.

Unique functions of the Calculator 2.0 include:

  • The ability to directly compare two different countries
  • The introduction of a "German scenario" and a "Norway scenario" based on the ambition displayed by these countries in their 2019 contribution announcements
  • The ability to exclude countries from a scenario
  • Tracking of contributions to the 2019 round of funding
  • Social sharing

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