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WRI works to advance access to information and develop sustainable transport solutions in Turkey. Learn more about our Access Initiative and EMBARQ program.

Gülcan Orak

Urban Planner, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities

Gülcan started working at WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities as Project Assistant in April 2016. As an urban planner, she will assist in non-motorized sustainable urban transportation projects (...

Meltem Bayraktar

Urban Efficiency & Climate Manager, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities

Meltem is the Urban Efficiency & Climate Manager with WRI Turkey for Sustainable Cities where she is currently involved in supporting The SE4ALL Building Energy Efficiency Accelerator (BEA)...

Tuğçe Üzümoğlu

Environmental Engineer, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities

Tuğçe started as Project Assistant at WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities in October 2015. As an environmental engineer, she assists in the projects on building efficiency, air quality and public health...

Merve Aki

Urban Mobility Director, WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities

Merve Akı is the Urban Mobility Director at WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities. She works to improve public space and public life in Istanbul.

Previously, Merve worked as a researcher at Mimar...


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