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WRI engages in clean energy, land and resource rights, access to information and electricity governance issues in Tanzania. Learn more about our Charge project, Land and Resource Rights Initiative, The Access Initiative and Electricity Governance Initiative.

Kuluthum Mbwana recorda o dia em que os investidores de biocombustíveis chegaram à sua aldeia, Vilabwa, a apenas 70 quilômetros a oeste da capital da Tanzânia. Ela conta que em troca de mais de 8.000 hectares de terra em 11 vilarejos, incluindo Vilabwa, no distrito de Kisarawe, eles prometeram trazer empregos, escolas e clínicas de saúde para sua comunidade.

Kuluthum tinha certeza de que sua vida mudaria para melhor. As crianças de sua aldeia finalmente poderiam...

A Fair Share for Women: Toward More Equitable Land Compensation and Resettlement in Tanzania and Mozambique

Tanzania and Mozambique — countries of vast mountain ranges and open stretches of plateaus — now face a growing land problem. As soil degradation, climate change and population growth place enormous strains on the natural resources that sustain millions of people, multinational companies are...

A new report, Accelerating Mini-grid Deployment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from Tanzania, was released at a daylong event in Dar es Salaam featuring remarks from Edward L. Ishengoma, Assistant Commissioner for Renewable Energy for the Government of Tanzania. The report finds that Tanzania now has 109 mini-grids, serving over 180,000 people.


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