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India's railways are the country's largest consumer of electricity and diesel fuel. A plan to deploy one gigawatt of solar photovoltaic installations on railways could reduce the sector's environmental impact while generating economic opportunities.


In India, rapid industrialization and urbanization are taking place at a time when increases in water supply are limited.

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As Michael Bloomberg announces a package of assistance on road safety through Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Global Safety Initiative, here is an ugly truth: more people die in road crashes in India than anywhere else in the world.

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The new U.S.-India agreement on climate change will help turn India’s bold renewable energy targets into reality.

Rather than relying on one major plank, the collaboration is a comprehensive set of actions that represent a substantial step in advancing low-carbon development in India while also promoting economic growth and expanding energy access.

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All eyes are on India this week, as President Obama is set to make an unprecedented second trip to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While the leaders’ discussions will address several issues, including nuclear energy and trade, climate and clean energy will be a central part of the agenda. So it’s a tremendous opportunity for the two countries to make substantive progress on shifting to low-carbon, climate-resilient pathways.


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