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Equatorial Guinea

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Forests are the life blood of Equatorial Guinea. They cover roughly 98 percent of the total national land area, providing services and sustenance to hundreds of thousands of Equatoguineans. But despite the critical role of forests, the country lacked a comprehensive information system to support monitoring and responsible management of these ecosystems.

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Les forêts constituent une composante essentielle de la vie en Guinée Équatoriale, couvrant près de 98% de la superficie totale et procurant des biens et services à des milliers d’équatoguinéens. Malgré ce rôle crucial des forêts, la Guinée Équatoriale jusqu’à un passé récent manquait d’un...

Interactive Forest Atlas of Equatorial Guinea - Atlas Forestal Interactivo de la Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial (Version 1.0)

Please see our Congo Basin Forest Atlases page for the latest versions of our Congo Basin Atlases, along with links to interactive maps, desktop mapping applications, GIS data, posters, and contact...

The Forest Atlases are online platforms that help countries better manage their forest resources by combining government data with the latest forest monitoring technology.

Fernando Evuna Mboro Eyang

Principal Advisor, Equatorial Guinea

Fernando is a Forest Engineer and Assistant Principal Advisor for WRI’s activities in Equatorial Guinea.

Juan Abeso Ondo Eyang

Assistant Coordinator, Equatorial Guinea

Juan is the Assistant Coordinator for the People and Ecosystems forests project in Equatorial Guinea.

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