With “implementation” an increasing focus of international climate policy and within multilateral fora and with an increasing number of voluntary cooperative initiatives, there is a need to better understand the opportunities, successes, challenges, and barriers facing collective action. This assessment of progress towards ambitious targets allows us to learn more about the efforts of various actors and share concrete steps, best practices, and practical solutions. This event aims to serve as a shared learning platform and to shed light on both progress and challenges.

First panel:

  • Helen Finlay, CDP (moderator)

  • Johan Falk, CEO and Co-Founder, Exponential Roadmap Initiative

  • Paul Currie, Director, Urban Systems, ICLEI Africa

  • Julia Souder, Chair (and CEO, Long Duration Energy Storage Council), Global Renewables Alliance

Second panel:

  • Melanie Robinson, WRI (moderator)

  • Martina Otto, Head of Secretariat, Global Methane Pledge

  • Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance