WRI in collaboration with the UK FCDO funded Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility Program and Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA) organized a 1-week long training workshop on the Energy Access Explorer. REA is the implementing agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria tasked with electrification of rural and unserved communities. 26 staff were introduced to and trained in data-driven, integrated planning through the Energy Access Explorer. The sessions focused on both the front and the back end of the application.

EAE is an online, open-source, interactive platform that will enable clean energy entrepreneurs, energy planners, donors, and development-oriented institutions in the health, education, agriculture sectors in Ethiopia to identify priority areas (at 1 km2 resolution) where energy access can be expanded and linked to socio-economic development. EAE synthesizes several geospatial data on demographics, social and productive uses of electricity, resource availability, power infrastructure, environment, and finance services and allows users to carry out custom multi-criteria decision analysis on-the-fly. Beyond its visualization and analytical capabilities, EAE functions as an adaptable, dynamic information system (following certain data standards) which reduces data transaction costs for both data providers and users.


  • Jake Stockman, Geospatial Data Analyst, Energy Access Explorer, World Resources Institute
  • Dimitrios Mentis, Senior Energy Geographer & Project Lead, Energy Access Explorer, World Resources Institute