Global Meeting on Long-Term Low GHG Emissions and Development Strategies

125 participants, including policymakers, donors, and technical experts from nearly 50 countries convened in Bangkok for this two-day workshop to focus on developing national long-term strategies under the Paris Agreement.

Co-hosted by the 2050 Pathways Platform, LEDS Global Partnership, NDC Partnership, UNDP, and WRI, in collaboration with UN Climate Change, the event had the following objectives:

  • To outline the importance, potential value, and urgent time frame for initiating a process for long-term low–greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions development strategies (long-term strategies)
  • To highlight emerging good practice, country experiences, expert views, and support available on approaches to developing long-term strategies, related challenges, and how to overcome them
  • To explore the relationship between long-term impacts and near-term climate actions, including links between long-term strategies and the implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs)
  • To build a community of practitioners and support for advancing the global conversation and practice on developing long-term strategies


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