World Resources Institute is pleased to release the new GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.

This Guidance represents a four-year global collaboration to harmonize methods for how companies report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heat, and cooling (called scope 2 emissions). It amends the existing GHG Protocol Corporate Standard’s rules, strengthening the rigor and consistency of reporting while recognizing diverse market instruments and supplier arrangements. This clarification has the potential to transform corporate energy procurement practices around the world.

This event, based in London, will include a presentation of the new Guidance rules, and panel discussions featuring leaders in business, government, and civil society. The panels will discuss how the Guidance will bring clarity and direction to corporate GHG reduction strategies, low-carbon and renewable electricity procurement goals, and market opportunities.

This event are free to attend, due to the generous sponsorship by the following organizations: Bergen Energi, The Carbon Neutral Company, CDP, Ecohz, and RECS International.

Registration is now closed as we have reached capacity. Please email Lindsey Longendyke at to be added to the waiting list.


1:00-4:00 pm Program

1:00-1:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks

1:15-1:45 Presentation of the Scope 2 Guidance

  • Mary Sotos (World Resources Institute)

1:45-2:00 Q&A

2:00-2:50 Panel discussionHow can this Guidance enhance corporate GHG management and electricity procurement strategies?

  • Moderator: Edgar Galroa (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)
  • Panelists:
    • Pedro Faria (CDP)
    • Jamie Rusby (IKEA)
    • Phil Dominy (EY)

2:50-3:05 Coffee Break

3:05-3:55 Panel discussionLinking accounting, disclosure and procurement: what is best practice?

  • Moderator: Jared Braslawsky (RECS International)
  • Panelists:
    • Janu Ramchandani (Bergen Energi)
    • Adam Clarke (EDF)
    • Peter Young (Aldersgate Group)

3:55-4:00 Closing Remarks

4:00-5:00 pm Reception