We are happy to announce the beta version of CAIT Equity Explorer – an exciting and important new addition to CAIT 2.0. This tool allows users to visualize the many dimensions of climate equity and to make comparisons among countries in a holistic way.

The CAIT Equity Explorer team will explain how you can most effectively use the tool and describe its potential to inform upcoming climate negotiations. One of the most important steps to reaching an equitable global climate agreement is for countries to put forward equitable contributions. CAIT Equity Explorer brings to light some information that will help countries do that as they develop their national ‘contributions’ for upcoming climate negotiations.

This visual format enables users to view countries across an array of indicators at a glance, such as emissions, level of development, vulnerability to climate impacts, mitigation potential, and benefits of climate action.

To find out more, watch the following webinar video and read about four tales of equity in action.