The CAIT 2.0 U.S. State GHG emissions collection applies a consistent methodology to create a six-gas, multi-sector, and comparable data set for all U.S. states. CAIT 2.0 enables data analysis by allowing users to quickly narrow down by year, gas, state, and sector. Automatic calculations for percent changes from prior year, per capita, and per GDP are also available. Users are presented with clear and customizable data visualizations that can be readily shared through unique URLs or embedded for further use online.

Reuse and License

  • Except if noted, all CAIT data carries a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. This means CAIT 2.0 data and analysis can be used in non-commercial applications, provided clear attribution to WRI/CAIT is given. For commercial/for-profit uses, please contact us via Find more information on and

  • Additionally to citing CAIT 2.0 please consider citing the data sources that CAIT 2.0 is using.

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