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A Colossal Mistake

President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement is a colossal mistake that shows a stunning disregard for the well-being of people and the planet. This is bad for the world, but even worse for the United States. The President is turning his back on America’s staunchest allies and biggest trade partners, more than 1,000 major companies, and the 70 percent of Americans who want the U.S. to stay in the Agreement.

In this so-called ‘post factual world,’ the evidence-based work of WRI is more urgent than ever. Global climate action will continue, with or without leadership in Washington, and WRI will be at the center of this action, providing rigorous, unbiased research and analysis to accelerate this movement.

Please stand with WRI, the 70 percent of Americans and the rest of the world who demand action on climate.


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Read WRI’s President & CEO Andrew Steer’s statement denouncing Trump’s decision and watch his recent MSNBC interview making a powerful economic case for the U.S. to remain a leader on climate.

Throughout our 35-year history, WRI has been a leading voice for advancing solutions to climate change and other issues, and we have hundreds of top outcomes to show for it.

Your support today will help us accomplish even more.

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