Navigating the New Normal: WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities 2022-2023 Annual Report

September 2023

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After battling social and economic disruption amid the pandemic, and now facing sharply escalating climate impacts, many cities are asking the same question: what is the new normal? Too many people remain under-served by core city services, from housing to water to job opportunities. Support for sustainable and equitable development is being stressed by other political and economic challenges. The impacts of the pandemic and its slow recovery highlight the vast inequities still present in cities and across countries. And climate impacts, from severe heat to extreme flooding and sea-level rise, are increasing every season. Transformative change in urban systems is required across the board. Throughout this report, you will find ways WRI is building a more resilient, inclusive and low-carbon world, from cross-cutting solutions like safer streets in Addis Ababa and a low emission zone in Beijing, to innovative partnerships like the WRI Ross Center Prize for Cities and Electric School Bus Initiative.

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