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Operationalizing the Green Climate Fund: Informal Meeting of Prospective GCF Board Members and Other Interested Parties

On 22-23 March 2012, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and Climate Analytics held an informal meeting of negotiators involved in the design of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in New York City. The purpose was to provide an opportunity for prospective Board members, alternates, advisers, and other delegations involved in negotiations around the GCF, to exchange views on the next steps in the Fund’s design and operationalization.

Participants were invited to engage in an informal, structured conversation to share their views and reach a better understanding of what was agreed in the Durban decision and the governing instrument of the GCF. The meeting was designed to prepare for, but in no way preempt, the work of the GCF Board, and operated under the Chatham House rule.

WRI and Climate Analytics prepared an informal summary under their shared responsibility and it should not be taken to reflect the official positions of any government or institution present at the meeting, or of any organization that provided financial support.

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