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Aqueduct Will Feature in World Water Forum’s “Village of Solutions”

Last week Aqueduct was selected to be featured in the “Village of Solutions”, a collection of innovative new concepts in the world of water management that will be on display at the World Water Forum in Marseille, France. This year’s Forum will be the sixth such gathering hosted by the World Water Council since the event was inaugurated in 1997. The most recent Forum, held in Istanbul in 2009, brought together over 30,000 international attendees with a shared interest in and expertise on water issues.

The theme to this year’s World Water Forum is especially relevant to Aqueduct – Solutions for Water. As experts in the private and public sectors alike become more and more aware of the water related challenges the 21st century will hold, the focus must expand from simply framing and understanding water problems to identifying and pursuing solutions.

By putting detailed information about the many dimensions of water related risks onto one simple platform, Aqueduct’s global and in-depth basin level water risk maps help companies and policymakers identify and prioritize water risks. Once risks are identified and understood, companies and other risk-facing water users can take action to mitigate these risks, such as implementing water reuse technology or efficiency improvements, or engaging with other river basin stakeholders.

The World Water Forum organizers selected Aqueduct from a pool of more than 800 solution concepts to participate in the Village of Solutions. The Village will be an interactive collection of new ideas and approaches to water issues that Forum participants can tour and learn more about for the duration of the event.

With the World Water Forum taking place starting on March 12th, and World Water Day coming up on March 22nd, the month of March promises to be an exciting one in the world of sustainable water management. Aqueduct will be no exception – we are planning to unveil some exciting new components to our water risk maps in the coming weeks.

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