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Welcome to WRI Insights

Welcome to WRI Insights, a platform for communicating analysis and perspectives on critical environmental and development challenges facing our world today. We want Insights to be a place where timely and significant ideas can identify and advance practical solutions. Surging demand for food and energy are putting enormous stress on our world’s resources – water, forests, oceans, land and the climate system. Our course today is simply not sustainable. Every year we see clear evidence of growing strains on our environment, as greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, and more people everywhere aspire to better standards of living. We see a need to create fundamental and constructive changes in our systems of public policy and business practices. How can we be more strategic---heeding scientific evidence, encouraging new technologies, placing actual economic value on our natural resources, and putting in place the policy and business conditions for countries to develop sustainably and meet the aspirations of their people?

At WRI, we attempt to frame these issues and offer independent, unbiased research, analysis and recommendations for decision-makers world-wide. But in today’s rapid-fire, fragmented information culture, understanding can be increasingly hard to come by. We hope that WRI Insights will provide a measure of clarity to pressing sustainability issues that are often complex but can be made more accessible through conversation and exchange---in plain language.

We also hope that Insights will become a place for dialogue, and where ambitious ideas and solutions can take shape. Join us, and participate in the conversation. Leave comments and ask questions. Meet us on Facebook, Twitter, and share your thoughts on social media. Take part in the search for understanding and solutions to the most crucial issues of our time.

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