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Corporate Consultative Group to Help Companies Achieve Environmental Sustainability

On September 16 and 17, the WRI Corporate Consultative Group formally launched in Washington, DC. The CCG’s aim is to enhance effective and efficient communications among companies about what needs to be done to achieve a sustainable economy.

The Corporate Consultative Group is a new type of partnership with companies that optimizes efficient engagement and the opportunity for employees across locations and departments to tap into the key messages emerging from WRI’s work.

Ultimately, WRI hopes to demonstrate how a cross-sector group of global multinational corporations can interact fruitfully with an NGO to solve society’s greatest environmental challenges.

WRI chairman Jim Harmon formally launched the group, and WRI board member CK Prahalad offered some valuable insights to the value for companies in accessing expertise on climate, transport, ecosystems, markets and governance.

To see a highlight from CK Prahalad’s speech, please view the video below.

Hear more from CK Prahalad at WRI's YouTube page. And you can click here to learn more about the Corporate Consultative Group.

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