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EMBARQ Mourns the Passing of An Esteemed Colleague

Our esteemed colleague, Alex Farrell, from UC Berkeley's Energy and Resources Group has passed away.

EMBARQ mourns the loss of its colleague Alex Farell, a pioneer in the field of energy and the environment, who was deeply committed to protecting the planet.

"Alex was on a never-ending journey to do something about the climate problem," Dr. Lee Schipper, Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley, told the Daily Californian. Professor Alex Farrell and his work were very important to EMBARQ and those at WRI in CEP working on issues related to climate and biofuels. Tributes flowed in from Gov. Schwarzenegger's office, the OECD and International Energy Agency, the and researchers around the world. Alex had a major role in designing the low-carbon fuel standard for California.

He will be deeply missed.

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