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Remembering Bert Bolin

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Bert Bolin. Bert was a former WRI Director, a distinguished atmospheric scientist, and a warm and gentle man. Both he, and John Firor, who died a few months ago, were important pioneers of climate science.

Bert led the IPCC for its first 10 years and helped to shape it as a source of clear, excellent, and objective science. He was an eloquent authoritative advocate of the seminal 1994 IPCC Summary Report on Climate Science. Bert was not only an outstanding scientist, but an effective and willing communicator that helped critical decision-makers understand the challenge of climate change. Early on, he helped WRI identify emerging new developments in climate science, and build bridges between the scientific and policymaking communities.

WRI is a much stronger institution today because of Bert's contributions made over many years. He is a dear friend, and we will miss him.

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