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GHG Emission Reductions Under the Lieberman-Warner Bill

This week the Senate EPW Committee is holding hearings on S.2191, the Lieberman-Warner bill. WRI's and NRDC's joint overview covers what the bill would mean for U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

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In recent weeks, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has shown its interest in passing a comprehensive greenhouse gas cap and trade bill in the form of S. 2191, as proposed by Senators Lieberman and Warner. Although the bill presents explicit caps on regulated emissions, questions have surfaced regarding the growth of uncovered emissions and the efficacy of complementary policies and measures in achieving additional reductions.

As part of its ongoing analysis of legislative climate change targets proposed in the 110th and 109th Congress, WRI has attempted to evaluate many of these open questions. In this line, the Natural Resources Defense Council and WRI have collaborated to construct an analysis intended to bound the likely range of total greenhouse gas emission reductions achieved under the bill.

This release reflects technical amendments made to S. 2191 since a November 13 NRDC-WRI analysis. Download the Nov13 PDF

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