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Analyzing the Intersection of Climate Change and Energy Security

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and WRI are launching a partnership on energy security and climate change. The organizations will combine their institutional strengths to undertake targeted research and strategy development for implementing an effective U.S. climate change and energy policy framework.

Through this cooperative effort WRI and CSIS will develop a policy strategy for the next administration to address climate change and energy security, both domestically and internationally. In January 2008, CSIS and WRI will release the first in a series of policy briefs that will analyze the complex issues that a transition to a low carbon, energy-secure future will entail.

Furthermore, CSIS and WRI will work with the international policy, business, and research communities to develop a better understanding of the major policy challenges, including:

  • Domestic legislation and policies
  • Technology research, development and deployment
  • Competitiveness and trade flows
  • International climate frameworks and engagement with other countries
  • Technology trade issues and clean development strategies

CSIS and WRI will release several other briefs throughout the course of the year, and a final publication to guide implementation by the next administration.

Stabilizing concentrations of greenhouse gas emissions at an acceptable level is one of the greatest strategic challenges facing the international community. At the same time, energy security is a pressing concern for both the United States and the global community. These two issues are converging in increasingly complex ways, and it is clear they must be dealt with simultaneously through both near-term aggressive action and long-term sustained commitment. Policymakers must understand the challenges of and connections between energy security, climate change and related areas to develop effective and realistic policies that will successfully transition to a low carbon energy future.

CSIS and WRI are supported in the collaboration by a Policy Action Grant from the Connect US Fund, a contribution from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, and other institutional funders.

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