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Area of Expertise: transportation

Karl Hausker

Senior Fellow

Dr. Karl Hausker is a Senior Fellow in WRI’s Climate Program. He leads analysis and modeling of climate mitigation, electricity market design, and the social cost of carbon. He led the...

Madhav Pai

Director, India, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Madhav Pai is India Director for WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. The center, founded in 2014, combines the strength of WRI’s EMBARQ network for sustainable transport with the Institute’s...

Dario Hidalgo

Director, Integrated Transport, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Dr. Hidalgo guides the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities international team of transport engineers and planners. This team is involved in walking, bicycling, public transport, new mobility...

Clayton Lane

Deputy Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Clayton Lane, AICP is Deputy Director of the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, leading a five-year effort in China, India, and Brazil focused on energy, water, and transport.


Holger Dalkmann

Director, Strategy and Global Policy, EMBARQ Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Holger Dalkmann has twenty years of experience working in the field of transport, sustainability and climate change. He joined the World Resources Institute in Washington DC in 2011 as the...

Anjali Mahendra

Director of Research, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Anjali Mahendra is the Director of Research at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She leads the research agenda, guiding our worldwide team in conducting policy-relevant, innovative, and...

Matthew Raifman

Associate, Strategy and Management

Matthew Raifman is an Associate for Strategy and Management at EMBARQ, where he works with Director Holger Dalkmann and the management team to advance research projects, internal and external communic

Benoit Lefevre

Director, Energy & Climate & Finance

Benoit Lefevre is Senior Associate for Transport and Climate at CEP and EMBARQ, WRI. He is in charge of developing a new initiative on transport and climate change.

Arnab Roy

Associate - Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Arnab is an Associate – Urban Transport at EMBARQ India. He provides technical and program management support for city bus operations and bus rapid transit (BRT) projects.

Rejeet Mathews

Head, Urban Development, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Rejeet Mathews is the Head of Urban Development at WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Her current work revolves around the integration of land use and transport, sector design,...


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