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Area of Expertise: investment

Kirsty Jenkinson

Director, Business Center

Kirsty Jenkinson is Director of WRI’s Markets and Enterprise Program and is responsible for the program’s overall strategy, results, financial development and staff capacity.

The program...

Benedict Buckley

Associate, GHG Protocol

Benedict is a Research Analyst for the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol team.

Dana Krechowicz


Dana Krechowicz is an Associate with the ENVEST objective of the Markets and Enterprise Program.

Piet Klop

Senior Fellow

Piet is a Senior Fellow with the Markets and Enterprise Program of the World Resources Institute, leading research projects on the valuation and pricing of environmental scarcities by the financial markets and business.

Ella Delio

Global Director, New Ventures

Ella Delio is the Global Director of the New Ventures initiative at the World Resources Institute.

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