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Area of Expertise: energy

Celina Bonugli

Associate, Clean Energy Innovation

Celina supports the facilitation of electric utility and large-scale energy buyer collaboration to spur innovative solutions that decarbonize the electricity sector, increase grid efficiencies and...

Karl Hausker

Senior Fellow

Dr. Karl Hausker is a Senior Fellow in WRI’s Climate Program. He leads analysis and modeling of deep decarbonization climate mitigation, electricity market design, and the social cost of carbon....

Ailun Yang

Senior Associate

Ailun Yang is a Senior Associate on WRI’s major emerging economies team, where she leads the efforts to build the case for low-carbon development in a number of major developing countries such as Ch

Emily Norford

Research Intern

Emily is the Project Coordinator II for the International Financial Flows and the Environment Project (IFFE) in WRI's Institutions and Governance Program.

Luke Schoen

Associate II

Luke Schoen is an Associate II with WRI’s Climate and Energy Program.

Davida Wood

Lead, Energy Access and Governance

Davida Wood is the Lead for WRI's energy access work and energy governance practice at the World Resources Institute. This body of work seeks to accelerate access to affordable clean energy with a...

Eliot Metzger

Director of Sustainable Business & Innovation, WRI's Center for Sustainable Business

Eliot is the Director of Sustainable Business & Innovation for WRI's Center for Sustainable Business. He manages research on innovative business solutions to global environmental challenges....

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