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Area of Expertise: climate legislation

Kristin Igusky


Kristin Meek is an Associate in the Global Climate Program at the World Resources Institute.

Kevin Kennedy

Senior Fellow, U.S. Climate Initiative

Kevin is director of the U.S. Climate Initiative in the Global Climate Program.

James Bradbury

Senior Associate

James Bradbury is a Senior Associate in WRI’s Global Climate Program, conducting research and analysis on U.S. federal and state climate and clean energy policies.

Alexia Kelly

Senior Associate

Alexia Kelly is a Senior Associate in the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Climate and Energy Program.

Lydia Weiss

Legislative Affairs Associate

Lydia Weiss joined WRI’s Legislative Affairs group in October, 2007.

John Larsen

Senior Associate

John Larsen is an expert on federal climate and energy policy, currently on detail at the U.S. Department of Energy.

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