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In August 2019, WRI released an updated version of the Aqueduct™ Water Risk Atlas (Aqueduct 3.0). This document provides information on what’s new in Aqueduct 3.0 and explains why it matters by comparing results with those available in the old version of the tool (Aqueduct 2.1).

Owens Corning, a multinational building materials manufacturer, conducted a global geographic water risk assessment using WRI’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas. This assessment aims to identify which of Owens Corning’s manufacturing plants are located in areas facing water supply-related risks. Companies and investors can use this paper to deepen their understanding of external water supply-related threats and learn how to use the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas to inform their corporate water strategies.

This working paper describes the Aqueduct Water Risk Framework, the indicators it includes, and the methodology used to combine them into...

This working paper provides data sources, methodology, and maps for Aqueduct’s Water Risk Atlas of 12 global indicators grouped into three...