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In August 2019, WRI released an updated version of the Aqueduct™ Water Risk Atlas (Aqueduct 3.0). This document provides information on what’s new in Aqueduct 3.0 and explains why it matters by comparing results with those available in the old version of the tool (Aqueduct 2.1).

In India, rapid industrialization and urbanization are taking place at a time when increases in water supply are limited. Surface water and...

More and more countries around the world face high levels of water stress, but measuring and communicating that stress consistently is challenging. This paper ranks countries and river basins worldwide based on their exposure water-related risks.

The Yangtze River Basin (YZB) Study provides details of the data, sources, methodology, and maps for 14 water-related indicators across the Yangtze River Basin in China. The YZB Study is primarily designed for research organizations for analysis and research purposes.