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To foster deeper involvement in WRI’s work, we offer programs for corporate and individual donors and Institute alumni.


is a global, cross-industry membership network of companies that engage with WRI experts, drive business value through WRI’s tools and research and stay up to date on cutting-edge intelligence, trends and solutions.

Contact JP Leous | 202-729-7874


is an invitation-only group of individuals committed to helping enhance WRI’s profile, resources and effectiveness. At the same time, members gain access to WRI insights, research and analysis.

Contact Rich Barnett | 202-729-7647

Sustainers Circle

is a committed group of individuals whose support of $1,000 or more helps WRI respond to emerging opportunities, seed new work and invest in innovation. Members are invited to informative, exciting events and briefings, and receive weekly updates on WRI’s work.

Contact Rich Barnett | 202-729-7875


is a new organization linking hundreds of former WRI staff to each other and current WRI staff. Launched in January 2017 with an alumni edition of WRI’s Stories to Watch, the association welcomes all former staff and board members, who stay in touch through a new Facebook group, WRI Alumni Network.

Contact Rich Barnett | 202-729-7647