Adriana Lobo

EMBARQ Mexico Director

WRI México officially joined WRI’s global network in 2016, focusing on sustainable cities, transport, energy efficiency and climate action.

WRI México worked with the federal government on Mexico’s first Energy Conservation Code for buildings, which sets minimum conservation requirements. Mexico City has adopted the code, and Merida and Guadalajara are in the process of doing so.

In a crucial step to advance the Mexican national agenda for cities promoted and technically assisted by WRI México and partners, the Congress approved the New Urban Development Law that supports the creation of more compact, coordinated and connected communities, replacing a decades-old law that fostered urban sprawl.

Forty transport projects are being developed under the National Fund for Mass Transportation (PROGRAM) with strategic technical support from our team. In 2016, one new system was inaugurated in Acapulco, significantly raising the quality of 20 percent of all transit trips. WRI México also raised $2.1 million for an innovation program to accelerate sustainable urban mobility start-ups. WRI México also recommended eight strategies to create a cost-effective roadmap to meet Mexico's climate action commitment under the Paris Agreement.