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Frances G. Beinecke

Afsaneh M. Beschloss

David Blood

Tim Disney

Daniel L. Doctoroff

Pam and Peter Flaherty

James A. Harmon

Wilhelm Merck and Nonie Brady

Preston and Carol Smith Miller

Michael Polsky Family

Roger and Vicki Sant

Liesbet and Andrew Steer

Joan E. and Lee B. Thomas, Jr.

Clint and Sandi Vince

Robert Zoellick

Anonymous (2)


Nathaniel and Jessica Chamberlin

Don Moon

Thomas A. Nowak, M.D.

David Richardson, CFA

David Rosenstein

Sue and John Tierney

Daniel Weiss

Anonymous (1)


Gail Abbott and Sue Ammen

Mark and Meg Alberts

Eleanor Anderson

Duncan Austin

Steven Averbuch

Hattie Babbitt

Manish Bapna

Steven Barker

Shari and John Behnke

Tomas Bok

Kenneth Boudreau

Carrie and Edward Brittenham

Daniel and Nicole Brozost

Richard and Alison Bruce

Kimberly Bryant

Laurie and Brice Buchanan

Felipe Caldéron

Kenneth Chang

Tiffany Clay

Elizabeth Cook

Daniel Cruise

David Cushing

Kathryn Deegan

Philip Eck

Adam M. Fass

Sally Faulkner

Mary Fields

Wendy Fiering

John Fisher

Agnieszka Flizik

Ashley Frambach

Judith Gayer

Susan Gerngross

Marian Goldeen

Brian C. Gray

David P. Hackett

John and Nancy Hammond

Craig and Iben Hanson

Nicole Harris

Teresa Hartle

Steven and Elizabeth Hays-Lohrey

Mr. and Mrs. Perry M. Hedin

Daniel Hildreth

Ethan Hoerneman

Margaret VB. Hughes

Maria Hui

Peter and Mary Killeen

Randall Kempner

Caio Koch-Weser

Steven Kramer

William A. Krug

Jonathan Lash

Chris and Maria Lee

Marsha Lewis

Thomas E. Lovejoy III

Lois I. Lundell

Lawrence MacDonald

Adrienne B. Mars

Charlotte Matthews

Thomas May

Sari Mintz and Gary Morrison

Cassandra Murphy

John Niccolai and Maria Gea

Benjamin Ng

Stephen and Nancy O'Doherty

Christopher and Sara Oot

Gilman Ordway

Dr. Hal E. Ott

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Patton, Jr.

Victor Peters

Jonathan Plax

Neil Prakash

Philippe Prufer

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Rakocy

Janet Ranganathan

Jennifer Regoli

The Honorable Bill Richardson

Mark Robinson

Anna Lyons-Roost and Eric Roost

Ari Rosenfield

Michael and Pooja Rutberg

Alison Sander

Tedd and Ella Saunders

John and Lauren Schiltz

Cynthia Slaughter

Edith and Bruce Smart

Robert and Heidi Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Spellun

Paul M. Spiegel

Michael Spiegelman

Emma Stewart

Edward L. Strohbehn, Jr.

Helga Tarver

Sulian Tay

Timon P. Tesar

Victor Torgrimson

Laura D. Tyson and Erik S. Tarloff

D. James and Katherine Umpleby

Venkat Varadachary

Anne Wilkes

Ann M. Williams

Stewart Wills

Christine Winston

Laura Woodland

Peri and Joshua Zelig

Louis Zweig

Anonymous (12)


Gayatri Alapati

Lindsay Alger

Martha and Kurt Baden

Shaida Badiee

Gail and Charles Bennett

Linda Beyce

Rohit Bhayana

Terry Blanken and Dennis Swartzlander

Nora Bloch and Charles Jones

Philip and Nolanda Bowman

Eliza Brooke

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brooks

Kris Byrne

A. Campbell and K. Winkler

Sara Carman

Kelly Christian

Michael Connolley

Daniel Davids

Josephine F. de Give

David Diamond

David and Jeannine Dickinson

Emily Dowden

Dowden Family

Sean Duggan

Nancy Edwards

Anthony Elson

Jason Evans

Bob Exner

William B. Fagan

Eva Fernandez

Adrienne Ferriss

Thomas Fulcher

Beverly and Salem Gafsi

Nancy Gelman

Sharon Goldwater

Christine Goodfellow

Robin and Jack Graham

Mark and Katie Gudiksen

Matthew and Cary Hancher

Lisa Hazan

Fiona Hughes

Melissa Huther

Margaret Inokuma

Charles and Phyllis Johnson

Sara Josloff

Leigh Jurecka

Joseph Kittle

Richard D. Knapp

Mary Kopplin

Nikki Levy

David Lindsay

Nancy Lowe

Aaron and Lisa Mager

Mark McCarty

Donald McCurdy

Patrick McIntosh

Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Miller

Milstein-Touesnard Family

David Mislan

The Moss Family

Helen Mountford and Vladimir Lopez-Bassols

Aubert J. Mowry

Albert C. Nedelman

Todd Nelson

Jeffrey Newman

Carol O’Hare

George L. Ohrstrom II

Benjamin Oko and Helen Dimos

Kristen Olson

Richard W. Orser

Andrea Patineau

Jane Paulson

Seth Peavey

Beth and Ted Powers-Johnson

Wendy Reed

William and Elizabeth Reilly

Lizanne Reynolds

Libby Richman and Brian Slocum

Marcia Robbins

Doug and Barbara Rothrock

David Sandalow and Holly Hammonds

Linda and Mark Scharlatt

Mr. Cedric Scholtes

Debbie Seidell and Gregory Martin

Martin Silberberg

Jon and Cleo Sonneborn

Michele St. Clair

Alan J. Suares

Jon Sweet

Blase Theodore

Karen Timmeny

Andy Towarnicky

Don Williams

Yao Yao

Anonymous (8)

Donor Highlight

Ellen Stofan and Tim Dunn

Ellen Stofan and Tim Dunn grew up camping, hiking and skiing and very early on gained an appreciation for the natural world that carried over into their professional lives. As NASA’s former Chief Scientist, Ellen understands very well the planet’s climate and environmental challenges, and since leaving her post, has been focused on encouraging the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students. Tim runs Terra Alpha, an investment firm that seeks to demonstrate that companies operating in a more sustainable manner will generate superior returns for their investors and reduce their impact on natural resources. As new donors to WRI, Ellen and Tim recognize that today’s environmental challenges are complex and global. They appreciate WRI’s focus on fewer, bigger initiatives that can drive change at scale and on building data sets and practical tools that companies and institutions can use for tackling the environmental challenges we all share.

Donor Highlight

Meg Hughes and Hal Ott

Years of mission work in Haiti combined with Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and then witnessing a glacier calving while on an Alaskan cruise convinced South Floridians Meg Hughes and Hal Ott of the importance of tackling environmental issues on a global scale—and not just in their own beautifully xeriscaped yards that require little or no irrigation. This belief is what attracted them to WRI, regularly one of the top-rated environmental organizations by the nonprofit watchdog Charity Navigator. Meg and Hal feel good that WRI is well-managed fiscally and focused on results, not partisan politics.