Photo credit: Ann Forsyth/Design for Health


Adriana Lobo

EMBARQ Mexico Director

CTS Embarq México, a WRI affiliate based in Mexico City, primarily focuses on sustainable cities and transport.

CTS Embarq México is on course to become an official part of WRI’s global network in 2016. This transition will enable the office to meet Mexico’s growing demand for knowledge and services that go beyond sustainable transport, such as landscape restoration, energy and climate.

For 13 years CTS Embarq México has supported Mexico City’s bus-rapid-transit (BRT) system, Metrobus. Today the system includes 125 kilometers of BRT corridors and moves 1.1 million passengers daily. It has reduced traffic accidents by 30 percent, travel times by 40 percent, all while cutting emissions. CTS Embarq México advises the Public Transportation Federal Support Program, which makes grants to sub-national governments and currently has seven operating projects, four under construction and 17 more in the planning stage.

CTS Embarq México has worked with five Mexican cities, advised more than 20 cities on specific projects, and provided training to planners in more than 150 cities in Latin America. Beyond transport, the office helped to draft a new energy conservation code that will be implemented nationally in 2016.