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Nitin Pandit

WRI India Director

WRI India works with government, businesses and civil society to increase access to clean energy, set strong climate goals, manage water resources, and advance sustainable cities and transport.

WRI India engages with decision makers at the highest levels in six Indian states, o ering global knowledge and local expertise to shape responses to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Smart Cities challenge.

Climate adaptation is high on the agenda for Indian policymakers. WRI’s Scaling Success: Lessons from Adaptation Pilots in the Rainfed Regions of India showed how local successes could be applied more widely in recommendations presented at COP21.

The energy team worked with regional utilities in Jaipur and Chennai to improve households’ energy access, availability and reliability. In Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, we helped advance renewable energy uptake by identifying barriers to solar PV with a focus on industrial parks.

WRI India recently began a new program to improve livelihoods through forest landscape restoration.