Photo credit: Miguel Vicente Martínez Juan


Kitty van der Heijden

WRI Europe Director

Based in The Hague, WRI Europe fosters partnerships with European governments and other institutions to enable more effective collaboration and ensure that WRI learns from European insights and experience. We are grateful to the growing number of European donors and partners that support our work.

For example, a discussion with the Dutch business and finance community on the New Climate Economy included a private audience with HRH King Willem Alexander. WRI Europe helped arrange a meeting between WRI Board Member Felipe Calderón, Unilever CEO Paul Polman and Andrew Steer with Pope Francis and his staff at the Vatican to discuss the links between climate action and human well-being ahead of the pope’s landmark encyclical on climate change. Working with the Independent Research Forum (IRF) and European partners, WRI Europe helped foster consensus on the SDGs by organizing informal retreats for negotiators. Looking ahead, WRI Europe will work with European partners to help ensure policy coherence in the implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.