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Lailai Li

WRI China Director

WRI China conducts analysis and provides recommendations to support the vision of a more sustainable society. We work on climate, clean energy, water management and sustainable cities.

Low-carbon cities will be crucial for China to meet its greenhouse gas emissions goals. Drawing on the new city-level greenhouse gas inventory, created by WRI and partners, WRI China created guidelines and manuals that helped o cials establish systems to collect and analyze urban emissions data. China adopted transit-oriented urban development guidelines informed by Transit Metropolis pilot projects on which WRI collaborated.

WRI research and engagement with city-level decision makers showed that sludge-to-energy systems could reduce solid waste, greenhouse gases and water pollution, while producing organic compost and compressed natural gas— and saving money. Four cities are on track to install sludge-to-energy plants, an achievement recognized as a WRI 2015 Top Outcome.

Working with the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), WRI recommended ve policies for greening nance, an expected agenda issue when China hosts the 2016 G20 Summit.