Photo credit: VaqueroFrancis


Rachel Biderman

WRI Brasil Director

WRI Brasil focuses on advancing sustainable development in areas such as forest management, landscape restoration, climate action, clean energy and sustainable cities and transport.

In 2015, WRI Brasil helped shape transportation spending guidelines that led to $4 billion in investment for 63 high-quality urban mobility projects in 56 cities—a WRI 2015 Top Outcome. In September, WRI Brasil hosted the Mayors’ Summit and the Cities & Transport International Congress in Rio de Janeiro, which drew participants representing 124 cities in 24 countries.

WRI Brasil contributed to the development of Brazil’s national climate contribution and the country’s rst National Adaptation Plan. WRI Brasil produced a new report that showed how Brazil can meet rising energy needs while restraining emissions growth, contributing to a lively debate on Brazil’s energy options.

In recognition of our growing in uence in the forest sector, WRI Brasil was elected vice director of the Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact, which aims to restore 15 million hectares (37 million acres) by 2050. WRI Brasil received a major two-year grant from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation for work on forest and landscape restoration.