Thanking Our Donors

Each year as we prepare our Annual Report, we look back with deep gratitude at how the vision and generosity of our donors makes our important accomplishments possible. In 2015 we raised $74.15 million. As stewards of this support, we will continue to focus our efforts on delivering results to improve the well-being of people and the planet.

European government partners continue to be among our largest donors, providing both core and programmatic support. We are grateful to: Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In 2015, funding from foundations increased 41 percent over the previous year, to $20.8 million. We welcomed The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as a major new donor through their support of Global Forest Watch.

We value all our donors, and we are proud to recognize the diverse group of supporters who share our commitment to a more sustainable and prosperous world for all people.

The Importance of General Support

General support provides the working capital required to run a strong, efficient, integrated and results-driven organization operating on five continents. WRI receives most of its general support from its Board members, individual donors and family foundations. Collectively, they allow WRI to attract talent, deploy funds quickly to take advantage of emerging windows of opportunity, invest in new ideas not yet on the mainstream philanthropic agenda and fund new work, which in turn is an extremely effective way to leverage larger project grants.

Our Donors and WRI’s Values

WRI’s work is made possible through the generosity of a growing number of partners and supporters who share our goals and objectives. Our purpose in each relationship is to fulfill our mission, guided by our institutional values.

WRI is mission-driven and independent. We enter into contractual relationships only if they are aligned with our mission and program objectives. To ensure the quality and independence of our research, our publications are subject to internal and external peer review. WRI prohibits staff from manipulating research or suppressing research results because they are inconsistent with a desired outcome.

Major Donors Governments and Multilateral Organizations Foundations Corporations Individuals Other Support Institutions