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Starting with a vision of an ambitious, workable climate agreement, WRI climate experts consulted with governments, businesses and non-governmental groups around the globe, using real-time input and analysis to help negotiators frame the landmark pact.

When world leaders gathered to frame the historic Paris Agreement, WRI was in the thick of it. One key was ACT 2015, a WRI-led consortium of top international experts that created a proposal for how a global climate deal could play a transformational role to shift the world to a zero-carbon, climate- resilient economy. It also showed how action could be scaled up over time.

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The ACT 2015 consortium released a proposed legal text for an agreement in May 2015, drawing on more than 30 in-country consultations, exemplifying the collaborative tone of WRI’s climate work. Based on deep analysis of real-time proposals, this approach made the most of partnerships across regions, bringing together thought leaders, decision makers and a wide range of other constituencies to support an agreement equal to the climate challenge. The WRI climate team made these groundbreaking ideas familiar to world’s media and helped shape expectations for the Paris climate summit.

More than a decade before Paris, WRI collaborated with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business to understand, quantify and manage heat-trapping emissions. The Protocol’s policy and action standards provided useful groundwork for the country commitments that became the foundation of the Paris Agreement.

The CAIT Contributions Map offered up-to-date data and analysis in an accessible form that proved essential to a broad understanding of the national climate commitments. By the Paris meeting, 160 INDCs representing 187 countries were submitted, accounting for 98.6 percent of global emissions.

“Both before and during the Paris climate conference, WRI provided real-time ideas to delegations to help find solutions to the key issues that culminated in the historic Paris Agreement.”

Yamide Dagnet

Senior Associate, WRI Collective Climate Action Objective