WRI 2022 Funding Commitments

This list totals just over $180M, which represents 98% of funds raised in FY22. The text associated with each donor describes the major bodies of work supported and may represent multiple contributions.

Donors who provided total contributions between $500,000 and higher in Fiscal Year 2022 (October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022)

Conservation International Foundation


Priceless Planet Coalition

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


Support for developing geospatial frameworks for validated, accesible data to help measure, map, and monitor effectiveness of stakeholder commitments to reduce deforestation and restore degraded land



Transforming China's agriculture sector to green and low carbon, mainstreaming deforestation-free commodity supply chains, and reducing food loss and waste; reducing China's coal consumption through development of national and subnational carbon evaluation policy; carbon neutraliy work in Yangzte River region; mainstreaming climate action in Indian cities; China Climate Change International Media Watch (3CIM Watch); Unlocking climate finance solutions and accelerating corporate-led energy transition towards Net Zero Ambition in G20

U.S. Department of State (DOS)


Support for scaling impact of existing Illegal Logging and Associated Trade(ILAT) tools and trainings in the Republic of Congo and Cameroon; to assist countries to advance clean energy development by testing and proving innovative business models and overcoming policy barriers to significantly accelerate private sector investment into clean energy solutions, technologies, and system-levels; support for the High Level Panel for A Sustainable Ocean Economy; support for the Resilience and Adaptation Mainstreaming Program (RAMP), a capacity-building program devoted to improving university teaching and building capacity in Ministries of Finance in developing countries to better manage the macro-level impacts of climate change; Building a regional community of practice to convene air quality experts, decision-makers, community groups, the private sector, and other air quality practitioners and stakeholders



Establishment of trade mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions and deforestation and increase carbon sink in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries; shifting China's overseas investment flows towards sustainable energy projects; 

IKEA Foundation


Strengthen and leverage the Paris Agreement for stronger climate action; transforming Rwanda's food system into one that is more circular and sustainable

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ)


Support for NDC Partnership implementation support in South Africa and AFR100 

Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom (Defra)


Cities4Forests; Accelerating the transition to more sustainable land use in Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT)

German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)


Increasing access to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and optimizing to reduce emissions; establishing a broad coalition of public- and private-sector organizations to achieve deep transition to e-buses within 20 targeted cities and mass scaling to more than 500 additional cities; support for Corruption Prevention in the Forestry Sector to improve the living conditions of the rural poor in Indonesia by conserving habitats

Ares Charitable Foundation


Engaging small, micro, and medium enterprises in two Indian states to build their capacity to respond to threats posed by climate change; address supply chain equity issues and raise the voices of small and medium enterprises; Corporate Consultative Group membership

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea


P4G (Partnering for Gren Growth and the Global Goals 2030)

Anonymous Fund of BOSF


Cool Food Initiative and Systems Change Lab

Cargill, Inc.


Multi-programmatic suport for Food Loss & Waste, Water Program, Global Forest Watch, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and Corporate Consultative Group membership

Quadrature Climate Foundation


To support delivery of a state-of-the-art scientific assessment on the economics of the transition to healthy, inclusive and sustainable food systems

Agence Française de Développement (AFD)


Central African Forest Initiative; scaling of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to address water, heat, and ecological resilience risks in urban areas by supporting cities in identifying risks, the potential for NBS to address those risks, and strategies for implementation and financing of NBS interventions as part of the urban planning process;

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation


Renewal of support for national climate action

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation


Promoting integrated water resources management and environmental sustainability to enhance water availability and livelihoods in Ethiopia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden


Support for NDC Partnership and the Climate Action Enhancement Package

Carbon Disclosure Project, North America


Core support for Scienced Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

FedEx Corporation


Multi-year grant to the Mobility and Accessibility Program (MAP) to advance an equitable and accessible transportation system in countries such as Mexico, China, India and Brazil, as well as globally.

One Tree Planted


Working together to define, manage, oversee, and implement the process of financing and monitoring the Top 100 restoration enterprises/projects in AFR100 Phase 2

European Climate Foundation


To scope out, convene and implement required updates in the GHG Protocol standards; establishing an Asia corporate engagement platform to raise ambition and advance policy for renewable energy and decarbonization solutions; support for WRI's work and participation in the International Climate Politics Hub; support to develop a framework for net-zero climate action and compendium of country case studies; Assisting large corporate energy users in the Philippines to source their energy from renewable sources through the Green Energy Options Program and mobilize them to push for the energy transition; to accelerate the energy transition in Vietnam by building the capacity of and mobilizing large energy users to drive clean, sustainable, resilient energy transformation while advancing climate and development goals; to increase renewable uptake by corporate buyers through promoting innovative renewable energy procurement solutions; Strengthen African voice and leadership towards an inclusive, trust-based COP ETC and energy architecture for and beyond Glasgow into COP 27 to drive ambition and action towards just, equitable and sustainable energy transition to underpin climate-resilient prosperity for all

Global Environment Facility (GEF)


Support for the Systems Change Lab to help enable decision-makers to accelerate the systemwide transformations needed to safeguard the global commons for all



Core support for WRI's Faith and Sustainability Initiative

ClimateWorks Foundation


Scaling up and broadening carbon dioxide removal in the United States; support for the Bali Climate and Green Development Program; support for Food and Land Use Coalition and Food Action Network; Fast tracking logistic vehicle electrification through demand-side policies; To shift Indonesian conglomerates’ vision towards net zero; Funding for the State of Climate Action report for 2022; Support for effective implementation of the Global Stocktake



Salesforce launched a new Ecosystem Restoration & Climate Justice Fund. Under this banner, they supported WRI with a $1,000,000 donation for work in ecosystem restoration, climate justice, for Land Accelerator work in India and Brazil; funding to revise and update the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards and to drive enhanced corporate greenhouse gas measurement and reporting; Climate's Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and Business Center's Climate Policy Pulse

Global Methane Hub


Developing a portfolio of priority actions and policy measures for methane emission reduction in China that can support economy-wide methane targets and bridge the gap between those targets and robust implementation—To ensure China peaks its methane emissions before 2025 and reduces methane emissions by at least 30% below 2020 levels by 2030

David and Beth Blood


General support and WRI's Reserve and Systems Change Lab

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors


To support the Systems Change Lab, a virtual situation room to monitor, learn from, and accelerate the transformations needed to create a net-zero GHG emissions, nature-positive future for all

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation


Stopping tropical deforestation and promoting just and sustainable rural development; The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU); integration of sustainability standards for soft commodity green value chains into the development of China’s national strategy framework; development of EbA measures through monitoring, evaluation and socialization strategies, which allow generating evidence on the socioeconomic and climatic benefits of the restoration, conservation and sustainable management of mangroves in Sisal, Yucatan

Roger Sant and Doris Matsui


A gift for the President’s Fund to support innovative new solutions that allow WRI to respond quickly to emerging opportunities. In particular, the gift will allow WRI to continue work on ocean sustainability,

Mulago Foundation


Unrestricted support for the Global Forest Watch (GFW) project

Caterpillar Foundation


Accelerator for Nature Based Solutions in Cities in Brazil and India; AFR100; adopting and scaling Nature Based Solutions in Mumbai; investign in Nature Based Solutions in Sub Saharan Africa; 

Ruth McCormick Tankersley Charitable Trust


Support for WRI's Global Climate Program

Robert Bosch Stiftung


Support for AFR100

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany (BMU)


Provide governments and in-country research institutes and other relevant stakeholders with tools to: design or strengthen LTS with a strong focus on energy and land-use and food systems, in line with national development goals, align short- and medium-term sectoral, economic and national development plans with LTS, and identify opportunities to enhance nationally determined contributions (NDCs) on the basis of LTS while achieving development goals; Responsive and needs driven financing for implementation of carbon-intensive landscape restoration strategies delivering national climate and development targets; Land-use planning and financial innovation to increase Mexico's resilience to climate change; The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU);

Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust


Advancing net-zero emissions through outreach, policy, and innovation

International Solar Alliance


To mobilize $1 trillion of solar investment and double global installed PV capacity by 2030, improve energy access in developing economies, boost energy security and resilience worldwide, and accelerate climate mitigation solutions.



To enable two Indian cities (Jaipur and Bhubaneswar) for development of adolescent oriented safe, vibrant and healthy public spaces through an assessment, design and improvement approach.

Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Support for the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Google Inc.


Support to scope out, plan and design required updates in the GHG Protocol standards to ensure their effectiveness in providing a rigorous and credible accounting foundation for business to plan and track progress towards net zero emissions goals; encourage large energy buyers, particularly city governments, to implement hourly carbon free energy (CFE) purchasing approaches that will enable rapid decarbonization of the electric system; Corporate Consultative Group (CCG) membership; general support employee matching donations

The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development


Support countries to start preparing NDC implementation plans in the land use sector (LULUCF and agriculture); identifying gender transformational business models in LAC; identifying public incentives and policies to support implementation of the NDC and helping them to improve tracking of impacts and performance

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Series of papers on gender and climate change

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


Support to fast-track China’s light-duty and heavy-duty truck electrification, through the implementation of zero-emission zones and supportive policies to address the demand-side challenges; advance renewable energy investments in the private sector and international communication to green China's investments; support for WRI China's evaluation capacity, communications, and staff training

UK Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions


Supporting the BiodiverCities initiative at the national and local levels and contributing to UK PACT's mission of enhancing sustained climate action from a holistic approach, where the promotion of biodiversity conservation, the fight against climate change, and the pursuit of greater social equity and opportunities are strengthened

UPS Foundation


Funding for four workstreams: 1) EVs/fleet electrification; 2) SBTi; 3) clean fuels/ RNG; 4) GHGP.



Funding to support the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's work providing standards, guidance, tools and training for business and government to measure and manage climate-warming emissions; support for WRI to provide reforestation software monitoring including tools for global satellite image analysis, computer vision, and machine learning

Rocky Mountain Institute


Funding for WRI's work supporting the America Is All In coalition, which supports and elevates U.S. non-federal climate leadership to push for an ambitious, collaborative, whole-of-society mobilization in the to address the climate crisis.



Collaborate with key regulators, energy providers, energy consumers, and other stakeholders to identify solutions to scale-up China’s renewable energy development; to support policy research on energy sector and mapping, develop data analytics on current finance flows for coal plants; to develop a web platform providing users across sectors easy access to real-time water risk data as well as power generation information at the asset-level for the country of India

Laudes Foundation


Core operational support to Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands


Core support for Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)

Toyota Mobility Foundation


to design and implement Toyota Mobility's Global Challenge — global solutions to urban transport challenges.



Support for an inter-institutional modeling consortium (energy modeling, economic modeling, climate modeling) to deepen the capacity within India to do such modeling; scaling up of clean shared transportation by streamlining financing for ecosystem and also identifying innovative and sustainable funding mechanisms for shared transportation; facilitate a better understanding of climate change and how India's economic growth can move ahead in a climate-friendly way; refining India's national hydrogen strategy by developing a national hydrogen road map; inventorization of transport sector, development of scenarios/options for low carbon mobility solutions leveraging state and national level schemes along with other financing options, and propose implementable solution options in short-term, mid-, and long-term for the identified cities/ towns in the State of Bihar; Investor Cliamte Aaction Plan (ICAP) implementation at the state level in India; 

University of Tokyo


To identify and analyze the key required transformations in systems to implement the Global Commons Stewardship (GCS); study requirements to realize the GCS and existing various multi stakeholder coalitions (MSHCs) to further understanding of the most effective MSHCs; promote collaboration with international partners through MSHCs to realize the GCS;  explore how lessons on systems change can be helpful in promoting the implementation of the circular economy in Japan; to explore how to reflect the full natural capital of forests in corporate activity

Australian Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment


Support for the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications of Ireland


Support to the Nationally Determined Contribution Partnership

Good Energies Foundation


Support for Phase 2 of AFR100, promoting sustainable reforestation across Africa

Donors who provided total contributions between $500,000 and higher in Fiscal Year 2021 (October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022)

Sall Family Foundation


General support gift for WRI Global and WRI Africa.

Patrick J. McGovern Foundation


General support for WRI's Data Lab

Thomas and Musa Mayer


General support

Hampshire Foundation, Inc.


Support for Global Forest Watch's Small Grants Fund and Global Forest Watch

DOEN Foundation


Support for Phase 2 of AFR100, promoting sustainable reforestation across Africa

AKO Foundation


Support for Phase 2 of AFR100, promoting sustainable reforestation across Africa

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)


Development of a guide on managing transparency of Just Transitions and implementation of the guide in two countries.

Standard Chartered Bank


Decarbonizing Hong Kong's Greater Bay Area

US Endowment for Forestry and Communities


Spurring Collective Action for Resilient Watershed Investments: A Blended Finance Strategy to Unlock Corporate, Utility, and Public Funds

Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Support for the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Bloomberg Philanthropies


Continued work on the American Cities Climate Challenge.

Acacia Conservation Fund


General support



Contribution to WRI's Coolfood initiative – Providing research and technical advice aimed at mitigating the climate impact of food consumption in over-consuming regions of the world



WRI aims to develop a web platform providing users across sectors easy access to real-time water risk data as well as power generation information at the asset-level for the country of India; To accelerate India's clean energy transition through utility decarbonization - by providing implementation support for green open access rules and renewable energy tariffs in Delhi, and to scope one more state for similar support.

Ford Foundation


The World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Laudato Si’ Research Institute (LSRI) are implementing a project to map the work of faith-based actors in natural resource governance in contexts of shrinking civil space, with a specific focus on selected countries in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia).



Renewal funding to support energy access work in India and Kenya; Corporate Consultative Group membership; Aqueduct Alliance membership

David K. Smoot Sustainability of Life on Earth Fund


To support WRI's Global Restoration Initiative in advancing its core objectives of increasing (1) knowledge, (2) capacity and (3) connection among stakeholders that are restoring forests and landscapes; General support

Bank of America


Renewal funding to support the sustainable investing team and our climate policy engagement work housed in the Business Center; Corporate Consultative Group membership; Cool Food membership



Funding for PACE

International City/County Management Association


WRI provides technical assistance to help local governments and communities reduce soft cost barriers to solar market development.

Clean Air Fund


Two policy-relevant tools will be developed and piloted that enable data-poor cities to forecast air quality and quantify major local regional pollution sources. The tools will be further developed in Bogota and piloted in three African cities to support local AQ management.



The project aims at developing and piloting Faith-specific SBTs methodologies and approaches for climate mitigation. Its goal is for faith-based organizations to have increased awareness, guidance, and capacity to apply sector-specific SBTs methodologies within their own operations.

Mitigation Action Facility


Advancing electrification of 2 and 3-wheelers in Rural and Peri-Urban Kenya.

Global EbA Fund


Financing & Enabling Community Ecosystem-based Adaptation for Water & Energy Security. The goal of the initiative is to strengthen the adaptive capacity of the hydropower sector and associated water supply systems to climate impacts, through the deployment of EbA measures in key watersheds of national importance.

Breakthrough Energy Foundation


To amplify the key criteria for hydrogen hubs that provide the best potential for driving decarbonization, primarily in the industrial sector, and engage with DOE staff and other stakeholders to encourage them to prioritize these factors in decision-making

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development of France


Support for the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)


To develop and agree to provide green growth policy advice to national entities emphasizing the role of natural capital in Sub-Saharan Africa; exploring the potential of using a combination of data obtained from low cost sensors and satellite data to develop air quality forecasting tools and source identification tools.

Lyda Hill


Support for Phase 2 of AFR100, promoting sustainable reforestation across Africa

Apple Inc.


Apple will be championing the electronics focal area and supporting that PACE workstream; matching workplace giving

The Educational Foundation of America


Advancing net-zero grids and improved market designs

Blue Forest Finance Inc.


Latin America and the Caribbean Conservation Finance Feasibility Studies; Forest Resilience Bond

The Kresge Foundation


Advancing the Joint Benefits Authority: Disrupting Government Silos to Build Climate Equity and Community Resilience

Tides Foundation


Deltares wishes to engage WRI for the performance of services related to the main project and more in particular to research and define front-end user requirements, to create two of the pilot use cases and generic services such as communication and coordination.

Climate and Land Use Alliance


This funding would support three products: 1) a 10-page communications product on IPLCs and biodiversity; 2) a new subtopic page on WRI.org collating WRI's work on IPLCs; and 3) an Insights article on IPLCs and carbon flux data.

Kathleen Cooper


General support and WRI's Reserve

American Forests


 To strengthen state capacity to mitigate and sequester carbon through natural and working lands



Forest carbon monitoring, supported by NASA.

Pisces Foundation


To increase ambition in commitments to the Paris Agreement by addressing short lived climate pollutants

Embassy of the United States of America in China


Facilitating Policy Coordination and Regulatory Cooperation in the US-China Forest Products Trade

World Bank


To help advance the understanding of and drive investment towards Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for climate and water resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa, WRI will conduct a study of the status and extent of NBS adoption, the regional enabling conditions for successful NBS design, finance, and implementation, and the strategies to unlock committed climate finance for nature; In mid-2021, the World Bank rolled out a new core diagnostic called Climate and Country Development Reports (CCDRs). CCDRs analyzed the impact of climate change on a country’s economy, assessed opportunities for low-carbon and resilient development, and made policy and investment recommendations looking forward. Since significant resources were devoted to this new diagnostic approach, WRI was engaged to be an external peer reviewer of 10-12 of the first batch of CCDRs and to provide a year-end synthesis of lessons learned.

Forum for the Future


Renewable Energy to Responsible Energy Initiative Phase 3 for India.

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)


Support the Government of Liberia, Malawi, and Nepal in engaging, coordinating, facilitating, and mobilizing actors and resources for the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and its Implementation Plan, as well to ensure their vertical integration throughout the process

Dorothy Winkey


WRI's Reserve

Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)


To improve the data and information conditions of the transport sector for Latin America following principles of equity, privacy and attention to opportunity. The main objective of the project is to achieve the creation of a mobility Data Hub that will serve to implement pilots and disseminate results in coordination with governments in the region.

Joy Ada Best


WRI's Reserve

Hazen and Sawyer


SF Public Utilities Commission support for advancing the Joint Benefits Authority in San Francisco, a collaborative governance model for equitable and resilient infrastructure implementation

The Walt Disney Company


Corporate Water Stewardship and Corporate Consultative Group membership

John Witcofsky


WRI's Reserve

Plex Inc.


General support

Great Plains Institute


To drive emissions reductions in key industrial sectors of the Midwestern and Gulf Coast states that make up the Midcontinent region, home to the greatest concentration of industrial production and associated carbon emissions in the US

United Nations Children's Fund


Support for the integration of UNICEF data with the Climate Watch Explorer NDCs module and training on the platform

Reflective Earth


Methods for measuring, through remote sensing, surface albedo and reflected energy of individual sites and urban areas for application in quantifying the heat mitigating potential and impact of reflective surface solutions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


Support for the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Inter IKEA Group


Corporate Consultative Group membership

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation


To support the "Getting Forests and Trees into Local Climate Action Plans - Phase Two" project. Goal to continue to build a critical mass of protocol adopters that galvanizes action at the local level.

The African Climate Foundation


The work with focus on targeted research and engagement that synthesizes and provides local stakeholders the tools and evidence to form and articulate long-term visions for African electricity systems, and what will be required to deliver these visions, including the scale of energy system investment and finance required; for direct delivery of insights into dialogue and institutional initiatives; with the ultimate goal of facilitating the development of Africa energy transition plans and pledges.