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WRI brings together nearly 1,900 staff and experts who are leaders in their fields. Their work spans topics such as food and land use, energy, cities, economics, finance, governance and more. Our staff and researchers work globally and in 12 focus countries to meet people’s essential needs, to protect and restore nature, and to stabilize the climate and build resilient communities.

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Program Experts & Staff

Mirza Firoz Beg

Head, Equity & Poverty, CEO's Office, WRI India

Mirza Firoz Beg.

Lily Begg

Latin American and Africa Coordinator, FOLU

Lily Begg.

Meg Beiter

Development Operations Manager

Angela Bekkers

Head of Communications, WRI Europe

Angela Bekkers

Abiyot Dagne Belay

Research Associate, WRI Africa

Sarah Bell

Development Specialist, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Person default

Hunter Bell

Program Administrator, Financial Institutions

Hunter Bell

Anne-Marie Belley

Executive Assistant to the MD for Programs and MD for Strategy

Anne-Marie Belley.

Anika Berger

Research Analyst, Global Forest Watch

Zola Berger-Schmitz

Target Validation Manager, Science Based Targets Initiative

Zola Berger-Schmitz

Irene Berman-Vaporis

Head of Communications, Systems Change Lab and Climate Watch

Irene Berman-Vaporis

Lelde Bernharde

Development Manager, Government and Multilateral Relations

Lelde Bernharde.

Kristin Berry

Knowledge and Learning Intern, NDC Partnership

Kristin Berry.

Sanya Bery

Just Transitions and Equitable Climate Action Intern

Sanya Bery.

Luana P. Betti

Finance Specialist II, WRI Brasil

Luana Betti.

Luana Betti

Finance Specialist II, WRI Brasil

Luana Betti.

Lisa Beyer

Urban Water Infrastructure Manager

Lisa Beyer.

Pankaj Bhatia

Director of GHG Protocol

Jake Billhorn

Financial Analysis Intern, Natural Infrastructure Initiative

Jake Billhorn

Baret Binatlı

Built Environment Manager, Urban Efficiency & Climate, WRI Türkiye

Baret Binatlı

Jamie Bindon

Enhancement Knowledge Specialist, NDC Partnership

Jamie Bindon profile photo

Lori Bird

Director, US Energy Program and Polsky Chair for Renewable Energy

Lori Bird

Clare Blackwell

Research Analyst II

Clare Blackwell

Steven Bland

Chief of Party, Clean Air Catalyst, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Steven Bland.

Cynthia Blank

Urban Mobility Analyst, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Cynthia Blank.

Stacy Blondin

Behavioral Science Associate

Valéria Blos

Senior Fundraising & Donor Relations Manager, WRI Brasil

Valéria Blos

Cristina Bodas

Communications Manager, WRI Brasil

Cristina Bodas.

Sophie Boehm

Senior Research Associate, Systems Change Lab

Tatiana Bogdanova

Product Specialist, Global Forest Watch, Data Lab

Tatiana Bogdanova

Stephanie Borcea

Small Grants Fund Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Stephanie Borcea.

Anne Bordier

Director of Food Initiatives

Anne Bordier

Alejandra Bosch

Land Sector Associate, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, WRI México

Alejandra Bosch.

Mary Boyle

Development Manager, Government and Multilateral Relations

Mary Boyle.

Carter Brandon

Senior Fellow

John Brandt

Data Science Associate II

John Brandt

Clare Brennan

Senior Operations and Engagement Manager

Ondine Brent Eysseric

Executive Administrative Manager, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Profile photo

Benjamin Bressette

Equity Framework Intern, Electric School Bus Initiative

Person default

Mauricio Brito

Urban Development Analyst, WRI México