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WRI brings together nearly 1,900 staff and experts who are leaders in their fields. Their work spans topics such as food and land use, energy, cities, economics, finance, governance and more. Our staff and researchers work globally and in 12 focus countries to meet people’s essential needs, to protect and restore nature, and to stabilize the climate and build resilient communities.

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11 Featured Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Ivan Amanigaruhanga

Engagement Manager, Clean Energy Transition, Africa

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Anderson Ngowa

Finance Associate, Energy Access

Anderson Chembe.

Mary W. Githinji

Senior Engagement Manager, Clean Energy Transition, WRI Africa

Mary W Githinji.

Benson Ireri

Africa Lead, Energy Access

Benson Ireri

Adugna Nemera

Senior Associate, Energy Access Finance, WRI Africa

Adugna Nemera

David Njugi

Program Specialist, Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE), WRI Africa

David Njugi.

Victor T. Otieno

Research Associate Energy Access, WRI Africa

Victor T. Otieno.

Douglas Ronoh

GIS Analyst, Energy Access Explorer

Douglas Ronoh

Sebastian Sterl

Senior Researcher, Clean Energy Transitions, WRI Africa

Sebastian Sterl

Birouke Teferra

Economist/M&E Specialist, Energy Program, WRI Africa

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Meron Tesfamichael

Director, Africa Energy

Meron Tesfamichael.
Silhouettes of children playing swing in turbine wind park at sunset