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WRI brings together nearly 1,800 staff and experts who are leaders in their fields. Their work spans topics such as food and land use, energy, cities, economics, finance, governance and more. Our staff and researchers work globally and in 12 focus countries to meet people’s essential needs, to protect and restore nature, and to stabilize the climate and build resilient communities.

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206 Featured Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Emma Grier

Research Analyst II, Natural Climate Solutions

Emma Grier.

Catlyne Haddaoui

Research Manager, National Climate Action

Sofwan Hakim

Senior Lead, Program Management Unit in Bali, WRI Indonesia

Sofwan Hakim.

Nancy Harris

Research Manager, Global Forest Watch

Arya Harsono

Research Analyst II, New Climate Economy

Karl Hausker

Senior Fellow

Christopher Henderson

Research Analyst II

Christopher Henderson

Matt Herbert

Communications Manager, Climate Program, WRI US

Carolina Hernandez

Engagement Manager, Climate and Energy, WRI Mexico

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Allison Hess

Project Specialist, National Climate Action

Allison Hess

Stacy Hong

Special Assistant, Climate & Economics

Alex Hoppe

eLearning Specialist, Climate Program

Alex Hoppe

Zhuohui Huang

Research Analyst, Climate and Energy Program, WRI China

Zhuohui Huang.

Sarah Huckins

Communications Manager I, GHG Protocol, Climate Program

Sarah Huckins

Iain Hunt

Senior Associate, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Corporate Standard

Iain Hunt.

Erin Jackson

GHG Protocol Land Sector & Removal Guidance Intern

Erin Jackson

Joel Jaeger

Senior Research Associate, Systems Change Lab

Joel Jaeger

Max Jamieson

Global Lead, Integrated Climate Action, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Max Jamieson.

Rachel Jetel

Co-Director, Systems Change Lab

Rachel Jetel

Zhaoqianyi (Zhao) Ji

Research Analyst, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Zhaoqianyi (Zhao) Ji.

Mario Julien Díaz

Research Manager, Climate Ambition and Implementation

Mario Julien Díaz.

Ashley Junger

Communications Specialist, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Ashley Junger.

Lea Kauffmann de Vries

Regional Program Officer, Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Northern Africa, NDC Partnership

Ulka Kelkar

Executive Director, Climate, WRI India

Kevin Kennedy

Senior Fellow, U.S. Climate Initiative

Yuke Kirana

Data Analyst, Systems Change Lab

Yuke Kirana

Alex Kovac

Geospatial Data Scientist, Data Lab

Amit Kumar

Senior Fellow, Climate Program, WRI India

Amit Kumar

Kevin Kurkul

Research Associate

Gaia Larsen

Director, Climate Finance Access, Finance Center

Dan Lashof

Director, WRI United States

Dan Lashof

Iain Laufer

Program Operation Coordinator, Global Climate Program

Iain Laufer

Katie Lebling

Associate II, Carbon Removal and Industrial Decarbonization

Katie Lebling.

Clarissa Lehne

Country Engagement Specialist, NDC Partnership

Clarissa Lehne

Joaquim Leite

Senior Country Engagement Specialist, NDC Partnership

J. Sebastián Leiva M.

Behavioral Design Intern, The Living Lab for Equitable Climate Action, WRI México

Sebastián Leiva

Haley Leslie-Bole

Lead Associate, US Lands

Mary Levine

Operations Specialist, Climate & Economics

Mary Levine

David Levy

Country Engagement Finance Specialist, NDC Partnership

Serena Li

Research and Program Lead

Serena Li
tree planting in Mombasa, Kenya