Experts & Staff

WRI brings together 1,400 experts and other staff in working in seven programs: food, forests, water, energy, cities, climate and the ocean and four centers of excellence for business, economics, finance and equity. Our staff and researchers work globally to produce data-based solutions that generate real change on the ground.

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Leo Horn-Phathanothai

Head, WRI UK Office; and Director, Strategy and Partnerships, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Program Experts & Staff

Dhawal Ashar

Senior Manager, Sustainable Cities and Transport, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Radha Chanchani

Managing Associate, Research & Practice, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Ayesha Dinshaw

Manager, Climate Resilience, WRI India

Prateek Diwan

Senior Associate, Sustainable Cities and Transport, WRI India

Prateek Diwan

Prayash Giria

Senior Project Associate, Urban Development, WRI India

Prayash Giria

Nick Godfrey

Director, Coalition for Urban Transitions

Catlyne Haddaoui

Global Research and Policy Manager, Coalition for Urban Transitions

Shivali Jainer

Manager, Urban Water, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Chaitanya Kanuri

Senior Manager, Cities And Transport/Electric Mobility, WRI India

Chaitanya Kanuri

Sumedha Malaviya

Manager, Energy Program, WRI India

Prerna Vijaykumar Mehta

Associate Director, Urban Development, WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Anandi Mishra

Senior Associate, Communications, WRI India

Pawan Mulukutla

Head, Integrated Transport, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Vishal Ramprasad

Manager, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Yash Singh

Program Associate, Sustainable Cities, WRI India

 Yash Singh

Freya Stanley-Price

Head of Communications, Coalition for Urban Transitions

Akhila Suri

Manager, Sustainable Cities & Transport, WRI India

Rohit Tak

Manager, Urban Transport and Road Safety, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Vandana Tyagi

Senior Project Associate, Air Quality, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Surya Prakash

Senior Manager, Urban Development, WRI India

Vandana Vasudevan

Senior Fellow, WRI India Sustainable Cities

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