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WRI brings together nearly 1,900 staff and experts who are leaders in their fields. Their work spans topics such as food and land use, energy, cities, economics, finance, governance and more. Our staff and researchers work globally and in 12 focus countries to meet people’s essential needs, to protect and restore nature, and to stabilize the climate and build resilient communities.

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69 Featured Experts

Global Executive Team

Global Executive Team

Craig Hanson

Managing Director, Programs

Craig Hanson
Global Executive Team

Janet Ranganathan

Managing Director, Strategy, Learning and Results

Program Experts & Staff

Beryl Ajwang

Food Loss and Waste Associate, WRI Africa

Beryl Ajwang.

Jenny Arthur

Head of Coolfood Membership Development

Jenny Arthur

Mike Badzmierowski

Manager, U.S. Agricultural Policy

Mike Badzmierowski.

Beth Bahs-Ahern

Director of Global Operations, FFWO

Mulubrhan Balehegn

Agriculture and Climate Research Associate II

Mulubrhan Gebremikael.

Lily Begg

Latin American and Africa Coordinator, FOLU

Lily Begg.

Stacy Blondin

Behavioral Science Associate

Anne Bordier

Director of Food Initiatives

Anne Bordier

Gabriela Brooks

Grants & Finance Specialist, FOLU

Gabriela Brooks.

Clara Cho

Data Lead, Coolfood

Clara Cho

Micaela Cole

Partnerships and Coalition Coordinator, Food and Land Use Coalition

Micaela Cole.

Tim Constien

Global Program Manager & Special Assistant

Aline D'Ormesson

Senior Development Manager, FOLU

Aline D'Ormesson.

Edward Davey

Head, World Resources Institute Europe UK Office; Senior Advisor, Food and Land Use Coalition; Advisor, New Economy for the Amazon and Congo Basin

Edward Davey

Alexandra Eastham

Project Specialist, Regen10, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU)

Alexandra Eastham.

Christopher M. Ede-Calton

Senior Engagement Manager, Land & Carbon Lab

Christopher M. Ede-Calton

Assefa Edessa

Grants and Finance Specialist

Assefa Edessa

Olaf Erenstein

Director Research Integrity, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), WRI Europe

Olaf Erenstein.

Xiaoyu Fan

Research Analyst, Food and Natural Resources Program, WRI China

Xiaoyu Fan

Liu Fengwei

FOLU China Director, Food and Natural Resources Program, WRI China

Liu Fengwei

Liz Goodwin

Senior Fellow and Director, Food Loss and Waste

Swati Hegde

Manager, Agricultural Methane

Swati Hedge.

Sandy Henkes

Program Specialist, Food Program

Sandy Henkes

Norbert Henninger

Senior Associate

Jillian Holzer

Communications Manager, Food

Jillian Holzer

Edwina Hughes

Head, the Coolfood Pledge

Edwina Hughes

Jake Ireland

Communications Specialist, Global Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU)

Jake Ireland.

John Jaoko

Senior Crop Data Analyst, WRI Africa

John Jaoko.

Catherine Jarman

Impact and Reporting Manager, Food and Land Use Coalition

Catherine Jarman.

Jubril Juma

Senior Product Manager, TerraMatch

Jubril Juma

Gloria Kantengwa

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist

Gloria Kantengwa.

Liz Kirk

Director, Knowledge Generation and Engagement (FOLU)

Liz Kirk.

Jayahari KM

India Country Coordinator, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), WRI India


Jayahari KM

Brian Lipinski

Associate II, Food Program

Mark Little

Lead, Food Loss and Waste Initiatives

Mark Little.

Elise Mazur

GIS Research Associate, Land & Carbon Lab

Profile photo

Katie McCoshan

Policy and International Engagement Manager, Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU)

Katie McCoshan.

Jiaxi Meng

Project Coordinator, Food and Natural Resources Program, WRI China

Jiaxi Meng