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WRI brings together nearly 1,900 staff and experts who are leaders in their fields. Their work spans topics such as food and land use, energy, cities, economics, finance, governance and more. Our staff and researchers work globally and in 12 focus countries to meet people’s essential needs, to protect and restore nature, and to stabilize the climate and build resilient communities.

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97 Featured Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Shailesh Sreedharan

Global Operations Director

Sebastian Sterl

Senior Researcher, Clean Energy Transitions, WRI Africa

Sebastian Sterl

Karunya Subramanian

Research Analyst, UrbanShift

Karunya Subramanian.

Dhilon Subramanian

Senior Project Associate, Energy Program, WRI India

Sandhya Sundararagavan

Lead – Energy Transitions, WRI India

Sabareesh Suresh

Senior Program Associate, Climate Resilience, WRI India

Sabareesh Suresh

Pushpanjali Surya

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Global Human Resources

Pushpanjali Surya

Prathna T.C.

Manager, Urban Water Resilience, WRI India Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Prathna T.C.

Niharika Tagotra

Senior Research Specialist, Energy Program, WRI India

Person default

Deepak Tewari

Research Fellow, Energy, WRI India

Deepak Tewari

John Thoppil

Manager, Global Operations

Ayushi Trivedi

Research Associate, Gender and Social Equity

Ayushi Trivedi.

Vandana Tyagi

Senior Project Associate, Air Quality, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Vandana Tyagi

Bhavana Varma

Junior Program Associate, WRI India

Person default

Vivek Venkataramani

Senior Manager, Climate Resilience Practice

Person default

Mende Thuji Yangden

Researcher and Gender, Equity, and Social Inclusion Coordinator, Electric Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Mende Yangden

Vijay Anadkat

Fellow - Urban Transport, WRI India Sustainable Cities

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